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ESTRO Reirradiation Webinar Series: From 26 October 2023 to 23 May 2024

A hír kategóriája: Általános

A cikk kelte: 2023.10.24.


Join the Reirradiation Webinar Series:
Challenges in Reirradiation - From Art to Science

First session on 26 October 2023!

We are thrilled to announce an engaging and insightful webinar series that delves deep into the clinical process, complexities, and opportunities in reirradiation. Join us for the "Challenges in Reirradiation: From Art to Science" Webinar Series, spanning from October 2023 to May 2024.
Registration is free.

Mark Your Calendar: The first session is happening soon, on 26 October!

Aim: Raise awareness on reirradiation to progress the field.

Main Topics: 
Clinical workflow, radiobiology, image registration, dose accumulation, normal tissue dose constraints, recovery factors, and the future of reirradiation.

Target Audience:
All disciplines interested in or working towards improving reirradiation patient care.

Why Attend?
Our experts will unveil the complexities of reirradiation, offering insights for RT professionals.

From 26 October 2023 to 23 May 2024

26 October 2023: Challenges & Opportunities
6 November 2023: Clinical Workflow
4 December 2023: Radiobiology
9 January 2024: Dose Accumulation
5 February 2024: Dose Constraints
5 March 2024: Proton Reirradiation
11 April 2024: Other Techniques Available
23 May 2024: Going Forward

Don't Miss Out: 

Pre-meeting course on Reirradiation at ESTRO 2024

This webinar series is complemented by the pre-meeting course on reirradiation which will take place at ESTRO 2024, ESTRO's annual congress, on 3 May 2024. Visit the ESTRO 2024 webpage for pre-meeting courses fees and further congress information. 

View the Programme and Register for the Webinar Series